Webdirect completely resolves latency???

Discussion created by smith7180 on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by gdurniak

Logging into my Australian clients' databases (from NYC) has always been a bit of a hassle.  The latency just makes navigating painfully slow.  Even LA-NYC is sorta not ideal.


All our clients are housed in the nearest AWS datacenter.  NYC to US East, LA to US West, etc... is always great, but it drops off so dang quick as you travel further from the data center.


I saw a user - CarlSchwarz - mention that Web Direct is way better in this regard.  I hadn't had a chance to test it out till today.  We stopped bothering with Web Direct when FileMaker started offering great user licensing contracts (thanks FMI).


Now I'm in a state of mild shock.  Australia to NYC is almost the same speed as US East to NYC with web direct.  And these are image/container heavy layouts with lots of conditional formatting and such.  How can that be?  I immediately thought to myself "So why am I using FileMaker Pro?"


I'm happy but confused I guess.  We were about to turn away a client with teams in Sydney and NYC because we thought they would be poorly served by a FileMaker solution.  I guess I'll be recommending to clients that stray too far from their home region to switch to a web browser?  I'm also starting to wonder whether I should always be building my mobile layouts with web direct instead.


What do we gain from FileMaker Pro Advanced in exchange for the latency issues?