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Script Problem

Question asked by on Dec 15, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by Bentech


I have a really long If then script that I have been writing for a while now.  What I notice now is that for some reason the script will not run correctly when starting up the file every time unless I start it looking for a particular file first.  Once it looks for that file, it then runs correctly every time and finds what I have it looking for.

To be a bit more specific, my file contains work orders.  Each work order is for a specific Item in my inventory.  I have a button that the user uses to adjust the inventory based on the parts being used in the work order. 

    What I notice is that unless I start the first work order out matching a specific Part Id, it runs but does not adjust the inventory.  I'm not sure what would be causing the script not to work unless I have it find this particular part first.  Once I have it find that part it will then go and find what ever part is in the next work order.  But unless it finds that part first, the script will not find any other parts.