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Record Selection + Action

Question asked by SkipperID on Dec 14, 2018
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Using List View Layout of Records, I'd like to:

1. Select Records by Checkbox

2. Do something with the Record IDs that I have selected. (Create records in a different table)


There's plenty of posts and tutorials about Virtual Lists and how make the checkboxes work, so not necessarily looking to repeat step-by-step instructions, but I'm wondering I am on the right path here or there's a better approach?


I think I need to:

Select Records using checkbox, thus creating a Virtual List (Global Variable)

Create a button (or dropdown) to run the script that adds/removes the records contained in the Virtual List in other tables.


Using a gmail inbox as a real world example of what I want to do:

- Select Checkboxes of specific emails

- Using the dropdown menu, mark these emails "Read"OR

- Using the dropdown menu assign to tags (or lists.) In FM this would add a an item to a LIST in the List_Details table.