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Saving a PDF on WebDirect (Again)

Question asked by gregstock on Dec 17, 2018
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Hi Folks, sorry to ask this when everyone is getting ready for Xrissy.

I hace been over the various discussions - but am still struggling.  In FMP17 I can make a pdf and save it to a Docs take etc.  But in Webdirect I running in circles.  I finally have a scripted option for users to print a PDF. That involved figting with the organisations Internal IE setup that stopped popups etc etc.....

But I still need to save the PDFs as we are on serveral sites on different computers - I need a way to get these PDFs into the database or a central folder on the server - using Webdirect until our CITRIX solution is available.


I have tried to use get(temporaypath) with mixed results - do I have to Performscriptonserver (PSOS)?.

Lets assume I can do the PSOS - how do I get the file inserted into my Docs table - on WB?

If I check the Temppath =C:/Users/5kqd/AppData/Local/Temp/S10.1/

and docsfolder = //$/5kqd/

I seem to get write issue wherever I go... Any ideas please on what to try.