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Summary Fields from a Related Table in the Grand Summary

Question asked by jhullinger on Dec 15, 2018
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I’ve been having an ongoing wrestling match with a problem, hoping someone here can help me. I have a table of customer quotes. Related to that is a table of quote lines and also a table of quote line categories (materials, labor, etc. They often vary by the job). On the report I have quote lines sorted by their categories. On a sub summary line I have a summary field which displays the total value of the quote categories. All good so far. The problem comes in when I try to create a section in the grand summary area which summaries the totals of the categories. I created a portal there which shows records from the categories table. On those portal lines I put the category name which works fine but I cannot get the category totals to summarize correctly. The summary field from the quote lines table displays the grand total of all of the quote lines. I thought a calculation field in the categories table using the getsummary function would do it but it is just blank. Anybody have any thoughts on this problem?