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Order of Operations When Opening A File

Question asked by macmanjc on Dec 17, 2018
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Here is my specific question:

Does anyone know the exact order in which operations are performed when a file is opened in FileMaker?



I am specifically trying to figure out the order of the events that occur when you Open a file. Does it try to go to the layout specified in the "Switch to layout" option in the File Options dialog? Does it attempt to connect to External Data Sources? When does the "OnFirstWindowOpen" Script Trigger run?


Here is the background for why I am asking the question:

I have a file that is running on FMS. That file has several other databases defined in the External Data Sources and it links to them through various relationships. I also have an "OnFirstWindowOpen" Script Trigger defined for the file.


When I open the file I will frequently get a "Sorting" dialog window and it will sort 7 records and then continue the process of opening the file. Sometimes I will see a layout from the file I am opening in the background while the Sorting dialog is running, but sometimes it will be the only visible window.


I have tried the obvious troubleshooting step of having the Debugger open when I open the file but the Sorting dialog appears and disappears and THEN the Debugger loads the "OnFirstWindowOpen" script! Hence my question, because obviously things are happening before the script gets triggered.


Any information that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.