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Mac file path issue

Question asked by dhertz on Dec 17, 2018
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This should be simple but I'm fairly new with FMP and hitting a wall when trying to create a script that exports a file to a network location from a Mac.  I had it working fine when the Mac was the only system involved.  However, we've added a couple of staff members who are both using Windows 10 PCs, so I moved the main Filemaker instance to a Windows computer in our server room and have it shared from there.  The scripts I've created that automatically export csv files to a specific location on our server work fine from the two PCs.  However, the Mac throws up an error: "filename" could not be created on this disk.  I've tried a variety of things related to path names with no luck including a single relative path for both PC and Mac and a specific filemac path.  Perhaps I'm entering the path incorrectly?


According to the Terminal window, my file destination from the Mac is: 

// Services/Inventory/Label Printing CSV/barcode2.xlsx


My database is located at:

// Services/Inventory/FMP_Marquette Inventory.fmp12


The Windows 10 systems are working fine with:

filewin:// Services/Inventory/Label Printing CSV/barcode2.xlsx


What should I be using on the Mac side to get the file path to work?