Sub Summary Report - View Bad - Export Good

Discussion created by g.bathurst on Dec 17, 2018
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I am producing a report, when I export to Excel it displays properly, however when I export to a .pdf it does not.




I have 3 tables, a CONTACTs, a TRANSACTION Table and an EVENT table. TRANSACTIONS are related to EVENTs by the (unique) transaction_id. CONTACTS is related to both via a (unique) contact_id.


I want to view all the TRANSACTION and any related EVENTS from the for each CONTACTs.

So from the TRANSACTION Table I have a sub summary when sorted by Transactions_ID. I then sort by Transactions_ID, EVENT_TRANSACTION_ID and CONTACT_ID.


On screen and when I print I only see the first occurance of the events, but when I export to excel I see all the related events for each CONTACT.


What and I missing?