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"Open" dialog box not appearing in FileMaker Pro 14

Question asked by gtorborg77 on Dec 17, 2018
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I have a client in another office at our University who uses FileMaker Pro 14 on a Windows PC and regularly opens a set of databases hosted on our local FileMaker Server. Recently she went to open a database that was not in her "recent" list but could not get the Launch (Open, Open Remote, etc.) to appear. When she goes to the File menu to choose Open or Open Remote, nothing happens at all. She gets no error message; she simply gets nothing. She is able to open the files listed under "Open Recent" without any problem. A guy on our software team tried uninstalling the software and then re-installing it but this changes nothing. That same person noted that when using FileMaker Pro 14 on the same PC but with a different login account, it works fine including the "Open" dialog. But when the customer logs in as herself, she experiences the same problem as before. Two others who work in the same office also use FileMaker Pro 14 with mostly the same databases, but they have no trouble with the Open dialog.


Please advise on what we need to do to get her "Open" dialog box to appear again. Thanks!