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FMS 17 Webdirect Re-login script step Hang/Delay Bug

Question asked by budnail on Dec 17, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by TSGal

FileMaker Server

MacOS 10.13.6

Chrome Version 70.0.3538.110 (Official Build) (64-bit), Safari Version 9.1.2 (11601.7.7) , IOS Safari

Server Hardware: Mac Mini Late 2014, 3GHz Core i7, 16G RAM



When the script step "Re-Login [ With Dialog: On]" is encountered under Webdirect the script hangs for almost exactly 60 seconds giving the appearance that nothing is happening.

Then the dialog appears and the script will proceed.



Revert to FMS 16


Use a "Show Custom Dialog" script step to enter credentials and then pass this info to the "Re-Login [ With Dialog: Off]".

Be sure to clear the credentials from the fields used immediately after the Re-Login or if the Show Dialog is canceled.

It is probably a good idea to use global fields to so that there is no chance those credentials are accidentally exposed to other users.  (This is the work around we are going with for now.)


To reproduce:

Create a script with "Re-Login [ With Dialog: On]".

Attach it to a button.

Press the button using Webdirect.


I created a database with nothing but a single script, with this single script step, attached to a single button and the behavior is the same.  The same databases with re-login scripts worked fine on the FMS 16 machine.


No problem using Filemaker Clients that we know of.