Preserving Record Integrity When Complex Changes Occur.

Discussion created by BuzzardJunction on Dec 18, 2018
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I've got a lot more foresight about things than I used to.  A lot of it is thanks to the contributors on these boards. Nowadays, when I build, I build with the expectation that something could potentially get changed many, many times.  Even when a business owner claims that something is basically carved in stone, chances are it will be obsolete before you can hum the Jeopardy theme.


There's one db I handle, however, where the basic logic of how quoting works is upended so often that it's getting nearly impossible to maintain the integrity of the previous records.  Now, let me explain that I am not talking about superficial things that are easy to do.  This quoting methodology is a complicated engine indeed, and the consistent changes go beyond anything I've seen before.


My question, however is more general than specific to this application.  It's more geared towards good-practice when you're approaching one of THOSE applications.


Have any of you ever been similar situations?  How did you handle it?  What are really good ideas and really bad ideas?