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Is a "universal exporter" script possible?

Question asked by pm125 on Dec 18, 2018
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As part of my backup strategy for 3 databases served by FMServer, I created scripts to export all records (all fields in all tables) to a Filemaker file for each database. The server for these databases is administered by an IT team whom I trust completely, but this is an extra layer of reassurance that I find worthwhile. One limitation of my script is that it does not export future fields: if I create new fields, and occasionally new tables, as part of continued development, I have to update the Export scripts so they include these new fields and tables. At least this is how my script seems to behave.


Is it possible to write a "universal" export script? One that first identifies all the tables and all the fields that exist in the database (including new ones added after the script was completed), and then proceeds to export everything? A script that would work on all (or at least my 3) databases?