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Web Direct - your access Privileges do not allow you to perform this action

Question asked by J_File on Dec 18, 2018
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I am very new to Web Direct, but thought I had set things up correctly as I could access my solution and run some basic gotoobject scripts. I have a button that runs a script to change a flag from null to 1. If I click this, I get the error message below:



I have done a bit of testing and it appears to be linked to the fact that the flag field is going off to another file (Data File - I am using DSM) and FileMaker is not liking this. If I simply stick a local field on the layout, it works fine. I have checked security settings in both files and they are the same. I have even tried it using [Full Access] privilege set, but that does not make any difference. Is there a setting deep within FileMaker that I may not have ticked?


PS. It works fine in FM17 Advanced, it is just Web Direct where I see the error.


Thanks for your help, this is really annoying me!