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OnLayoutEnter Script: How to pull a record based on specific date ranges

Question asked by BERGSTEN on Dec 18, 2018
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I wrote about time sheets a couple days ago and got some great help thanks.


I mentioned I have a Timesheet layout where each employee signs into their own account and can only see their respective time sheets... but how I do I ensure that when they enter the timesheet layout, they are seeing the most recent timesheet?

I will have preset the dates ahead of time. PayperiodStart & PayperiodEnd... I can't figure out what the script should be OnLayoutEnter so it knows to search within the "current" 2 weeks to find one or both of those dates...

I believe I am overthinking this because I have written many scripts by now but figuring out how to pull the relevant time sheet forward each time they log in is tripping me up. I will still want them to have viewing access to the ones that have come before.




Thanks in advance. Let me know if I can clarify