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Mystery: can't click into field

Question asked by BMyers on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by beverly

Suddenly FMP won't let me click into a time field.  I was working on creating a time-picker.  I designed it as a card window with two clock faces that appear to pick hours and minutes.  The two-clock graphic appears by clicking into the time field ("ApptStart") which has an on-object script trigger to open the card window or popover.  There have been some similar concepts posted on this board but I had a few ideas of my own.


I developed it on a backup copy of the FMP file then implemented it on the main file.  Everything worked as planned.  But as these things go I decided to make a few tweaks: changed it to a popover, appearance, etc.  Another tweak removed that script trigger and went to the ApptStart field as a popover button. 


To get to the end of the story, I can no longer click into the ApptStart field.  I removed the field entirely and used the FMP Insert-Field command to create a new field.  Still can't click into it.  I switched from a form view to a grid view and can't click into the ApptStart field. 


That particular layout is built on the base table.  I have another layout built on the same table but a different table occurrence.  There I am able to click into and edit that ApptStart field without a problem.


This is really odd.  Anyone have ideas on what's going on?