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Field with two codes - stops them showing on a list

Question asked by ajmitchell on Dec 19, 2018
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I'm working in FileMaker 13. I have a field which holds a stock code e.g. ZA04646. I have a linked table which shows a list of all jobs that have used this stock code item (related records). Unfortunately someone has ordered more than one code stock item under the same job i.e. they've put in both ZA04646 and ZA04647.



Is there any way I can enter more than one stock code into the same field (i.e. ZA04646, ZA04647) and still have them show up on the linked table that shows all instances of that particular code e.g. ZA04646 and ZA04647? At the moment  when I put in both codes it doesn't show up for either ZA04646 items or ZA04647.