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"User canceled action" error when using Commit Records, Go to Layout

Question asked by Mike_Mitchell Expert on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by Mike_Mitchell

Good day. I'm having a very strange issue with a server-side script on FileMaker 17. A little background:


The script in question is responsible for setting some fields on existing records and sometimes creating new ones. When the records are to be created, I'm using a connector table (no fields that aren't global storage) to attempt to avoid record lock issues. The image below shows a portion of the server log:


Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 11.46.04 AM.png


The first three 301 errors are understandable; it's attempting to set a field and can't because of record lock. (I've already compensated for that in the script.) But the 1 errors are seriously puzzling. The script sets a series of fields through a portal from the all-globals table to another table. That succeeds, apparently; there are no errors on the dozen or so Set Field steps. When I try to commit the record, however, it throws error 1. Immediately after that step, the script is supposed to navigate to another layout and throws another error 1.


After that, there are several other errors that don't make sense, but I think they're because something weird is going on with the layout navigation. The 103 errors make sense if the layout didn't change correctly, because then it wouldn't be in the right context to attempt to set fields for a Find. (The 504 is a little weird; I'm performing a Find and it throws a validation error?)


The really strange part is, this script works most of the time. It's only when the server traffic gets heavy, later in the day, that I see this problem. It's basically dropping the last few attempts to create records, but everything else works fine the rest of the day.


The account being used on the server has full access, and I've made sure all script steps are server-compatible (no dialogs, no animations, etc.). The script is able to navigate correctly to the targeted layouts any other time, so I don't think there is any corruption.


Any ideas? I'm stumped.