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Quickjump to Portal Record.  Looping Slow to Achieve

Question asked by georgedrohan on Dec 19, 2018
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For the solution I am working on I am trying to Create a Quick Index, like a Rolodex, that within a Portal will Go To the First Entry inside that portal  that has that Letter.

For Example the Users would like to go to the "C" Entries within the Portal.  The Index would quickly jump to the "C"s but still show all other Entries within the Portal. Otherwise the User would need to Scroll down Until they see the "C" Entries. I thought this would save the User time instead of Scrolling down the Portal. Its a QuickJump, instead of Scrolling.


The Portal is containing Records that would be dynamic; adding and delete records as need, so Hardcoding go to Portal # XXX for "C" would not work.  Because the portal row number would be changing.


To Achieve this I am looping Thru the Portal and When the Loop Finds the Search it exits.  At that point the  Correct, first Record in Portal is Selected. Its Pretty Basic and works. Works great with 500 records not so good with 5000.  This is using a basic records, as a sample I tried, First name, Last Name, Calc field that Combined First and Last and had IMO slow performance using this Technique


With 5500 records it takes about 17 secs on my Windows 7 machine to loop All the Entries to the last record.  It takes 15sec to Find the First Record that starts with the Letter "Y" that is 5415 position.  This is a pretty Long time Search, and is pretty much useless. To Find the Letter "D" is about 3 seconds.  I was Hoping for a much Faster time.


I do understand there are different ways to achieve basically the same Goal, but they do not seem to do what I am looking to Do.I am Using Portal Filters, and Portal Relationships for other parts of this solution but those are not what I'm looking for. I'm trying to use the Fastest Method to "QUICK JUMP" to a record within a Portal, with a Search to Find the First Entry that Starts with a Specific Letter.  Wow Mouthful.


Maybe I'm not understanding how to use Go to Portal Row, when you have a dynamic portal and a static Search. I don't understand how to get the Portal Row to be able to use the go that Portal Row without running the Looping. Go to Portal Row does work Quickly ,  and "Find" works quickly but not for portals.List view this is not an option.  I'm trying Achieve this Via a Portal I'm Struggling. Unless Maybe, Use it as a List View take that Record number and use that as a Portal Row. Not sure if that will save time. I guess I need to try that.


During the Build I was using Beverly Voth's Aggregates (Summary Fields) in Filtered Portals, but had to scrape that because of Summary Fields and using Replace Field was slowing database to crawl.   I have Read  and I am using Daniel Wood's "Building a Super Slick Search UI".  I'm using parts of FileMaker Inspiration's "Dynamic Portal Filters with Multiple Criteria", and  Sara Severson's "Dyanamically Filtering Filtered Portals".


This QuickJump to Records Within a Portal was just an Additional Option for my users. I  really didn't think it would be so complicated.  I'm hoping that I don't need to scrape it.


Thanks for your advice.


Link to A simple Example of what Im trying to achieve.  Its a large file because it has 5500 sample names. I export the names from  Daniel Wood's "Building a Super Slick Search UI and re purposed them.

Portal Search.fmp12 - Google Drive