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Wrapping text around images in Filemaker Pro 17 Advanced

Question asked by Shipstead on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by philmodjunk

I am preparing to convert an FM Pro 10 database to FM Pro 17, and I was hoping to fix a text wrapping issue in one of my report layouts.  I have a workaround in 10, but it doesn't work perfectly.  Basically, in the Body part, I have 0-4 photos for each record (on the right side of the page), plus several text fields, some of which can be several paragraphs long (on the left side and below the images), all set to slide up & reduce size.  I would like the text to flow smoothly around the images, breaking across page boundaries, without strange gaps in the text and without the images getting cut in half at the page break.


In the workaround, I've set calculation fields to separate the text into paragraphs and size the text boxes accordingly, and have set the Body part to not break across page boundaries.  This results in strange gaps in the text depending on paragraph length and number of images, and also wasted space because the part doesn't break across page boundaries.


Can someone please let me know if there are improvements in FM Pro 17 that will help solve this?  Or, if not, if there's a more elegant and functional way to do this?  I've attached PDFs of the report breaking and not breaking, and