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Deugger Window has different content than actual script

Question asked by fawzikds on Dec 18, 2018
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Hi Guys,

i have an issue with my debugger window. I noticed, that it does not have the same content as my script. I have tried Closing FM and reopening it, but it did not help.

The only way for me to change the content that the debugger displays is by clicking on the edit script in the Debug window, select everything there, delete it, and then paste the content from the actual script.

The debugging works as expected per debugger content... no issue there.

I am using FM 17 pro adv.

An example in the image below is the first if statement.... The script shows $$sortPriorityFlag_lbl, while debugger shows $$sortPrioFlag_lbl, ( missing "rity")

I changed "..PrioFlag.." to "..PriorityFlag.." but the debugger still uses the old name...even after restarting FM.




anything i am doing wrong.. like a switch somewhere?