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Related tables: unique identifyiers

Question asked by realgecko on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by realgecko

This is the most basic of questions; I have just gotten started (using fmp14) and would like to avoid making mistakes.

So I received an xls table, containing a number of columns; I imported this file to filemaker and created a layout.

Now, what I would like to do is create related tables, that display all data pertaining to specific values in specific records.

To use the example from the filemaker learning tools:

We could say that I now have a table containing "all data" (product id, customer id, invoice id etc.) and now would like to create related tables that display each of these ids as unique identiyiers and display in these tables all the data from the "all data" table pertaining to the respective product id, custormer id, invoice id etc.


This seems to me to be the most basic of tasks but I can't seem to figure out what is the correct way to do this. Important is to me that changes in one table will also result in changes in the related tables.