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Does FM17 merit a rethink?

Question asked by gfsymon on Dec 18, 2018
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I have a file that I’ve built for personal use, over many years.  I did a rewrite at FM7 to move away from a cumbersome scripted system, which had initially started life as a flatfile database at FM2 (I think). The rewrite was based on what I recall was the popular view at the time, that everything should be viewed via portals.


Essentially the database has 3 parts (Contacts / Invoices-Quotes / Letters).  Each of these is built with multi-tabbed Tab Controls and portals.  Each of these principal tables comprises 2 Tab Controls. One on the right  for lists and one on the left for single record view.  Each of these Tab Controls, has multiple tabs.


So for example, in Contacts, I have 3 tabs in the left Tab Control (Contact / Letters / Billing) and each tab has its own portal which connects to Letters and Invoices.  In the right Tab Control (for list views) I have 6 tabs with portals for various ways to view/group contacts  (Contacts / Companies / Keywords-Filter / Category-Filter / checkbox-filter1 / checkbox-filter2).  The entire database runs on scripts which are activated when rows are clicked in the list portals.  The scripts set global fields so that the record selected from the various lists is displayed on the left.  Quite straight forward really.  Some data is stored in separate tables, which act as line items.  I use these for invoices and letters.



I’m currently running FM16, but am wondering if FM17 might preclude the need for the 60 related Tables I have created to make it all work and perhaps it might incite a new UI too?  Is FM17 the version where I have another ‘FM7 moment’ and embark on the next rewrite, or is there not much to be gained?  (Some people do sudoku or crosswords, I fiddle with my FM files … but it’s all trial and error really.  It’s not my day job).


Is FM17 a version which could radically simplify my file, with the added bonus of a better UI?