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Customize Startup of FMP

Question asked by dscott on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by Markus Schneider

I'm a in-house developer for my company and was wondering if it was possible (or if there are any suggestions) on the the best way to customize the startup of FMP for users that is hosted on a server.  Currently, they click on the FMP icon on their desktop and they view the screen that has the "My Apps", "Recent" and "Create" icons on the left side.  They choose which file to work in depending on what department they work in.  I want to get ride of the icons on the left side so the only thing they see is the file to choose from.  It would also be nice to get rid of the menu system at the top as well.  Please let me know our thoughts and/or suggestions.