Help with a Script technique to select a Current file record based on multiple External file records?

Discussion created by userdavec on Dec 19, 2018
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I would appreciate help with relational databases. The FileMaker Pro 9 User's Guide doesn't appear to discuss the Script code used to extract Current_table records based on the data values in multiple matching External_table_records.


Below is a simplified description of two related tables and the pseudo logic used to extract Current_table_records to serve as a list of potential donors.



Donor_id <---match field





Donor_id <---match field




In this example, there are zero or more External_table_records for each matching Current_table_record.


--- Pseudo Logic ---

Create a prospective donor file consisting of all the Current_table_records where there is at least 1 matching External_table_record for people who made at least 1 donation within the last 3 years. The logic consists of examining multiple External_table_records to see if at least one of them is for a donation made less than 3 years ago.


Could you please provide sample FileMaker statements / techniques used to iterate thru the Current_table and External_table records in order to generate a prospective donor file.


Thank you for any help you can provide.