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Multiple FMS machine deployment error - questions

Question asked by tomlangton on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by Mike Duncan

Trying to connect  a Worker machine to a Master machine with the aim of serving WebDirect. Both are Win2012 R - latest FM17 version.

Master machine works faultlessly - I can hit WebDirect on the LAN from the Master.

Recently added a Worker machine - ran the installer and got stuck at the Deployment Assistant.

IIS appears to be working - I get the "FileMaker Database Server Website" page in the browser when connecting to the Worker.

Deployment Assitant yields an "unknown error."

We started with the Worker outside the firewall, but it is now inside, on the same subnet as the Master.

Windows internal firewalls are turned off - so we don't think it's a port issue.

Reboots and reinstall Worker's FMS didn't solve it.


The concern is security. After a chat with FM support, I learned that since FMS 16, the web facing machine IS the Master, and it doles resources out for WD appropriately, so it doesn't seem that having a Worker outside the firewall is even relevant to security.

I don't think we'll ever have 100 concurrent WD users, so am I putting a lot of effort into something that will yield little benefit?


Does anyone have a clue about the "unknown error?"

Is installing a Worker (outside the firewall) superfluous regarding security?



TIA all,


Tom Langton