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Applying conditional formating to fields in a found date range

Question asked by david_millard on Dec 19, 2018
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I have a table of schools and linked tables for various awards achieved (e.g. healthy eating, physical activity) including the different dates these were achieved. I have a layout listing of the schools with 4 portals across showing when these awards were achieved (they can renew awards each term hence portals for multiple instances of each type of award).


I've set two global fields which generate date_from and date_to variables and can search to find all awards achieved within a certain date range. Schools that have achieved more than one type of award will have dates showing both within and outside the search range across the four portals - which is fine. To help when viewing the found set I want to apply conditional formating to any of the date fields across the 4 portals that are within the searched date range. I've hit a wall here and keep failing miserably!


I've tried selecting all the date fields and applying a conditional formula - something like: Self≥"table_setting::z_global_date_from" and Self≤"table_setting::z_global_date_to" then selecting a fill colour.

This is not working - so would appreciate any suggestions.


Thank you,