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What are people using FM Pro Advanced 17 for within their organization?

Question asked by jonesbr20 on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2018 by BMyers

We're currently using FileMaker Pro for 3 different applications:

1) Generating POs

2) Creating Work Orders

3) Maintaining a database of projects that we've photographed over the years


We're in the process of exploring FM Pro Advanced 17 as we have been working off of FM14. We’re barely scratching the surface of what FM can aid us in within the organization. I'd like to pose the question to others here, where are you utilizing FM17? What type of apps have you created? We're an organization of about 1400 employees but currently the Marketing Dept (which I'm part of) is the only group using FM.



I know that within FM17 there are 6 start up apps, and additional sample solutions apps, but outside of those, what other apps are people creating to aid them day to day?