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Filemaker Security Issue

Question asked by petermac on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by dtcgnet

I experienced a very strange thing this afternoon.  I was updating a person to Filemaker 17 from Filemaker 15.  When I started up our application, Filemaker used her windows account (whoami says leslie2017\lesli) to log on.  It logged her straight into the application with AccountName lesli, no password and with [Full Access] Account Privilege Set.  The Account Group was one of our Windows Groups that has Full Access.  But there are only three names in that group and lesli is not one of them.  In Preferences the User name was LeslieB as it should be.  I entered LeslieB during the install.  It was LeslieB with Filemaker 15 as well.


I tried several things to correct this including uninstalling Filemaker 15 and 17 and unchecking the Allow Credential Manager to save password in File Options.  None of these things changed anything.  A reboot of the computer did fix the situation and she is now logging in as LeslieB as she should with the correct account privilege set and group.


This is a disturbing because she had full access and I can’t explain how that happened and I would not want it to happen again.  Our server is running  Any clue on how this could happen?