Find records with comparison of two fields

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Data in the tables

I have two tables

Table A ( Parent table)

Table B ( Child table)


In Table A, I have a primary record having the following fields:


     ID     Customer-Name     Date               Sale-Price

     01     Test                        20/12/2018     1500


In Table B, I have a line items

    ID     Item-Name     QoH     Entered-Quantity

     01     Apple              5          10

     01     Banana          15         10

     01     Mangoes        25        15 


An Action

I have an export record button when the user clicks on that button, an excel file should get export.


What's required in the exported file?

In the excel file, the following line items should be enlisted having QoH is lower than the entered quantity.

For example, As per above Table B reference-

     Item-Name     QoH    

      Apple              5       

      Banana          15      

These both line items are required in the exported excel file.




Looking forward to the right solution for the script steps.