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Starting Assistance with Database Conversion

Question asked by bigalhurl on Dec 20, 2018
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Day 1 - I've purchased filemaker today. I'm hoping File maker can help me with my desire for a parts configuration app. I spend a lot of time on the phone with my salesman and Customers building and sourcing the right part for thier needs. I need an app to answer these repetitive questions and allow me to develop my product line and increase sales productivity. My base thoughts are that the salesman inputs his customers existing building, floor, area, equipment type, answers some configuration and other misc questions and the app chooses the proper part and configuration in my database. Salesmen can then add quantities and produce a material list for to quote. I imagine a logic tree set of questions (interface).

I figure I could knock around chasing rabbit holes but i have read enough to know that you all are a far greater resource to tap.  I figure I would have to convert my database to the filemaker platform. My question is... Where would you start? What hints do you have in setting up the database before conversion? 


Part numbers are configurable from the base part number example below. Others Follow the same format (Base plus options)

  • VLV-3801 (base Part Number)
  • VLV-3801-AC-9401-02 ( Base Part with AC Solenoid with 2 foot lead)
  • VLV-3801-DC-6414-02 ( Base part with DC solenoid with 2 foot lead)


I would like to say thankyou in advance for any help/assistance you can give.


Big Al