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Import vs lookup preferences

Question asked by badmonkey842 on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2018 by beverly

Just curious on peoples' opinion of when to use  import vs. lookup to populate data tables from a imported temp table. There appears to be more overhead with  multi-field relationships during import matching/update, but then again the "lookup" field seems to be a bottle neck as well with those same multi-field matches.   Any preference or considerations for choosing one over the other?


FWIW this is a hosted solution where users have the potential for wifi remote access via VPN. the  temp import is a single file that is used to update matched records into ~5 data tables.


e.x.  In my situation an external source generates an import file; unfortunately the external source can not possess  child record IDs so I have to tweak the import script with multiple field matches in order to import/update the matched fields. Once the temp table is staged, i don't know the "best" way to move the data to the tables. 


So a couple of approaches I am playing around with include:


1) from temp table

          Import/update from temp table using multiple match fields in data tables (client side)

2) from temp table

          Create Relationship based on same match fields to "lookup" child IDs and populate the temp table with those IDs

          then import directly from temp table using single match field

3) from temp table create multiple field relationships and use  "lookup" from the child tables to populate the child data fields. Avoids second "import" but requires more TOs & multi field matches for the lookup.


4)  from temp table

     after staging, export locally to temp file

     re-import from newly created csv /txt file

     multiple imports to final data tables