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Lightning Session Questions

Question asked by beyondthechaos on Dec 19, 2018
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I have a lightning session in mind, with 3 other people. We are wondering the best way to submit that... does just one person submit it or do we all submit it with our individual parts mentioned separately with our own videos?



Also, since this is a specific group focusing on a cohesive topic, even though it is 4 separate parts that apply to one topic, is that actually a lightning session or is that a full session with a panel?


If it is a panel, should a video be submitted from all 4 of us?


Additionally, the idea might be more suited for an FBA Day type deal - are we doing that again? Or just put it in the business track?


Lastly, how are lightning round speakers handled in the way of conference/hotel benefits?


Any guidance, ideas, input would be most helpful!




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