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Autoenter Calc serial number

Question asked by gregstock on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by gregstock

Hi Folks, Can someone please Point me at how to formulate this Autoentered Calc Field.

It will be an Autoentered Calc of a Serial Number - But - I want it to switch on a new year.

So it will be 2018nnn. Where the year is the new year from the system but the nnn is a serial starting from 001 and incrementing by 1.. So I have : Year(Get(CurrentDate))&(what is this bit to increment on each new record).

Thanks in advance


Edit - just incase someone wonders.... This is NOT a primary key or any such. Its to provide some backward compatability to old migrated data. The previous system we had used an annual "ID" that was prefixed by the year followed by a serial and reset annually. I have been asked to keep this data and keep it going. My current design does not rely on this and we will hopefully drop it - but it was used in the obsolete system as an "account ID" to locate many old Projects. At this stage I am considering a scripted calc to just add the new data on Creation - I was tying to avoid Another script