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Insert from Url with certificate authentication

Question asked by yamu on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2018 by Jason Wood

I'm new to certificates. I've to send my data as JSON to a web service which uses a certificate for authentication. I thought, I can do this by:


Insert from URL [Verify SSL Certificates ; Select ; With dialog: Off ; $ServiceResponse ; "https://path-to-webservice/service-name" ; cURL options: "--header \"Mimetype: application/json\" -d @$myJSONdata"]


But how have I to use the certificate for authentication with Insert from URL? I got a .pfx File from the web service-owner. Have I to install this only to Internet Explorer on Windows or Keychain on MacOs or have I to translate this file to other formats an use them?


A short step-by-step guide would be very helpful.


Thanks, Hans