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Is it possible to control which instance of a field is shown in table view?

Question asked by tenninyokai on Dec 20, 2018
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I’m working on a project where I have two instances of the same portal on one layout. One is used to enter in data while the other is protected and can’t be written to. My users want to be able to use table view to enter in data as well as form view. The problem is when they go to Table View on that layout the fields that can't be written to are used. Is there any way for me to force the editable fields to show up in table view instead? Also, I’m aware I can just make a new layout that’s tailored to table view but this question is more about if this functionality is possible. Also, I’ve looked around on the forums already and the best I could find was someone saying that the field is chosen based on the location of the field on the layout but I’ve tested this and it hasn’t worked for me.