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How to change the Slide Panel according with a field

Question asked by guidutra on Dec 20, 2018
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Hi, I am new in FM and would like a help. I am making a small control for my company and I have the following situation.


I have a group of fields that will showing only according with another field.

Ex: Products and their characteristics. If I have a shoe, only the characteristics for shoes appear, if the product is a shirt, the characteristics of the shirt appear.

Looking in the community I realize the best way to do this is using a Slide Control.


I'm using 1 Slide Panel for each product type, where I put all the fields for each type.

When I add a new product, I made a script to go to the correspondent Slide Panel after choosing the type of the product in the field.


Go to object ["SlideShoes"]


The problem is when I'm navigating between records. I can not make the Slide panel goes to the corresponding panel automatically.


Any suggestion where I can ready and learn about this?


Thank you