deprecating the future

Discussion created by djoseff on Dec 20, 2018
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As an active FMP developer since the early 1990s, since 'Scriptology', I love the platform and its capabilities. On the recent thread regarding FMP P2P deprecation (which has been locked), I read the title hastily, and instead of the 'feature is deprecated', I read the 'future is deprecated'. Which of course leads me to a parting comment. I've been a lurking FBA member for years, and always enjoyed seeing the platform evolve. I do only medical database applications, and for charity work would help with non-profits, for fun and to appreciate all the unsung efforts out there. Small enterprises often need small footprint data management, which is / has been FMP's strength.


Unfortunately, and I may be (am) a dinosaur, but having to foot a $1M business liability insurance caused me to discontinue my FBA participation. And now, the increasing distance which seems to be accruing between FMP and the small enterprises and small developers who could use a reasonably accessible platform now prompts me to reconsider the Filemaker Developer world. FMP's pricing trends, deprecating P2P, and other cultural changes, all of which likely make excellent business sense, seem to say goodbye to the casual but interested builder who may become more sophisticated, engaged, and produce great solutions. There are truly great FMP developers among an excellent, giving and thoughtful community, out there, but I suspect that the bar is being raised for small developers and small enterprises. I would hope that there might be a corporate focus to renew FMP's strengths, rather than 'deprecate the future', not to mention locking discussion threads.