"Find in Progress" --  Still driving me crazy after all these years

Discussion created by Oliver_Reid on Dec 20, 2018
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FMPA 17.03 Mohave, FMS 17 Windows --Oracle unicode MySql ODBC Driver


In table A I have  a tabbed folder and when I open a certain tab l go into a "Find in progress" loop that last about 30 (or more )mins


That table displays 5 fields from Related table B


If I go to a Table B layout, I can click through records in browse mode at reasonable speed displaying the same data


Table B is base on  an ESS MySQL source which happens to be a view - it has a slightly complex query defining it so I might expect  it to take a second or so to display but my Filemaker dock icon has been bouncing for about 15  mins as I write this.


Both the Windows and MYSQL server are running with with plenty of memory and CPU to spare


I just force quit and relaunched and same thing happens.


Meanwhile Is the Navicat (A MySQL client untidily) I can display all 317 rows of table B , with al the calculated view fields, in about 5 seconds.


I can scroll through Table B in table and somewhat slow speed - but at least I can do it