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Portal-within-a-portal relationship and formatting

Question asked by zack_fmform on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by philmodjunk

Hello. I’m working on a recipe part of a database (that also includes inventory of prepared food and ingredients.) I’m getting hung up on two aspects, formatting recipes and pulling the related ingredients info into a printed label when I cook food. I think some of these concepts might be related, so I’ll make a single post.


Recipe formatting question

I’d like to lay things out in the style of Modernist Cuisine.Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 2.28.09 PM.png


I’ve created tables:



With this, I have a portal to INGREDIENT_LINE_ITEM on a RECIPE layout, and I can put ingredients in.


I need to be able to group multiple ingredients together (as Modernist Cuisine does with horizontal red bars). And I also want procedure steps that relate to the group of ingredients, not tied to a single INGREDIENT_LINE_ITEM.


Do I need another join table, something like:



And if that (or similar) is the answer, how can I display it with the example layout? I’ll have a portal to PROCEDURE_LINE_ITEM with a portal to INGREDIENT_LINE_ITEM inside it… which doesn’t work right?


Does anyone have specific tips here or concepts I should investigate?


Ingredient labeling question

I have a table I omitted above:



FOOD_PACKAGE holds details and a label layout for an individual prepared package. I’m trying to create a calculation field that stores related ingredients, reaching through the INGREDIENT_LINE_ITEM join table into INGREDIENT. So in the layout, I just put a text reference to that field that shows any number of ingredients. My calculation on the FOOD_PACKAGE table is just:



This works to copy from one record, but doesn’t get all of them. Maybe this relates to the portal-in-a-portal concern above, or maybe I need a script with more steps? Again, have any specific tips or concepts I should investigate?


Thanks much!