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FileMaker Server 16 - Certificate

Question asked by johnbuckingham on Dec 21, 2018
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I'm planning to migrate a client's system from FileMaker 14 to FileMaker 16 - they use Macs and new machines are being supplied with Mohave so it's being forced on them. While I'm not new to FileMaker, I am new to ssl and certificates. And, it's all a bit daunting!


Do I correctly understand that ssl & certificate(s) are mandatory in the FileMaker16 universe?


The system in question is on the lan and there are no holes in the firewall; so to my mind, in a state of blissful ignorance perhaps, there is no need for ssl. But, from what I've read over the last couple days, in order to run FMS16, ssl is mandatory so it is necessary to install certificate(s). And, for those certificates to be validated, I have to open at least port 80 on the router. So, again in my ignorance, it seems to me that I have to introduce a vulnerability solely to counter the vulnerability I have introduced.


If anyone can tell me, as monosyllabically as possible please, the bit of this that I am not getting, I'd be most grateful. At the moment, it seems I have to tell my client he needs to spend money to patch a hole I'm going to knock in his wall without being able to explain why he needs the hole...