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Simple Keyword/Tag Generator

Question asked by garyjones on Dec 21, 2018
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I thought that this functionality might be useful for someone within the community at my beginner level and have attached a file (I often find it easier to learn from example files so thought this inclusion might be useful). Given the previous help I have received I wanted to give something, albeit simple and crude, back.


Originally I had posted the following question to deal with matching keywords to text, Searching for & matching short text tags within larger text strings. This used keywords generated by an online site. The attached uses STOP WORDS to help remove the unwanted natural language words, see Stop words - Wikipedia


I am by no means an expert, so this is probably not very elegant or well laid out and I suspect there are others more skilled here that could take it to another level. Things to note -


The demo is a stepped demo so could be combined into a single process etc;

  • It doesn't deal with phrases;
  • I doesn't address plural words;
  • It could be integrated with the last sample file in the above original post to provide a solution that generates keywords and matches them back to the original text - thereby creating an end-to-end piece of functionality.


I hope someone finds this useful, as a start point if nothing else.


Happy Christmas!