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Anchor to Buoy Relationship Issue

Question asked by darcylydia on Dec 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by darcylydia

I'm new to Filemaker and have created a solution using the anchor to buoy relationship model. I created all of my main tables and then made instances that I've connected with join tables (photos attached).  I've clicked the boxes so that I can allow changes to be made to records via these relationships.


I have five main tables and have color coded the instances to match the base table.


When I insert portals to related tables to try to pull related data, it appears the relationships aren't correct because the informations does not show up. I'm trying to pull the information in the base table from the instances of other tables that are joined to the base via the join table.


I'm wondering if I might have some issue with my relationships and want to catch it before I keep building. Any thoughts?