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Portal showing only partly correct data?

Question asked by vitalseeds on Dec 21, 2018
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Hi Filemakers

I am having trouble with getting a portal to show correct information. In my business we sell seeds and the tables of data are organised as such: All products have their own record in a table named 'Acquisitions', the unique identifier is their SKU. We grow, or buy 'Lots' of seed to sell, which are recorded in a 'Seed Lots' table (unique ID = Lot #), the seed lots are then packed in 'Batches' (multiple from one Lot) which are identified by their Batch #.


The Acquisitions table is linked to the Lots table by SKU and the Lots are linked to the Batches by Lot #. The data is correctly showing in the individual tables but when i make a portal in a layout showing Acquisitions data, the records from the Batch table are not correct. The batch # are shown correctly, as are the Lot # which the batches came from, but the other data is incorrect. See below:


Correct record from Batch list - showing different suppliers ('Vital Seeds' and 'Wild Garden Seed'), and different organic status ('organic' and 'ecologically produced')




Records of Lots from lost list also correct

The portal problem:

Here the batches are not showing the correct source or organic status, even though they have the correct Lot # - they appear to be taking the information from one lot and associating with the wrong batch

Here is how the tables are related:


Can anybody shed light on this for me?!