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Refresh Script step DISABLES UI refresh in OnRecordLoad script until UI change required

Question asked by madoverlord on Dec 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by TSGal

The codebase for this layout has been stable for several years. However, now, when I move between records (say, using the slider), the layout does not refresh until I take a further action that requires a UI refresh.


For example, I can simply move the mouse over a tab button in the layout, the tab button hilights, and the entire window refreshes and displays the correct information.


Disabling the OnRecordLoad restores correct behavior.


Replacing the script with a Dummy empty script restores the correct behavior. OK, so it's something in the script, not in the parameter (which contains an Evaluate)


I proceed to sequentially disable script steps to find the offender.


And the guilty party is... the Refresh Window script step! If I have that step enabled, the UI doesn't update. If I disable it, it does!


OK, so I try and make a simple reproduction case... and fail. It seems to be some complicated interaction, probably with portals (it's a fairly complex layout).


Well, sure, I could remove the Refresh Window step. But I wanted to see if I could get it to work properly even if that step is there. Who knows, maybe it'll provide a clue to the poor developer who'll have to track this down?


And it turns out there is: Scroll Window. If I scroll to End and then to Home, then the window updates properly (and you don't see the scroll).


Likely this anomaly was introduced in FMPRO 16.