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Slow Portal Sorting in Server

Question asked by mbust on Dec 23, 2018
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I have a FileMaker 17 database that has a list of clients (first name, last name, etc.), about each of whom are notes attached through a relationship. Whenever contact is made with the client, a note is added that only has basic information (date, time, type of contact) beyond the actual text note.


On the layout that lists the clients' names, there is a portal showing only one record (and one field per record) that shows the date and time of the most recent call made to the client. Currently there are only about 1400 clients. The average client may have six notes or less, but like I said only one is shown in the portal (the most recent).


If the database is on my computer, sorting is really fast, as expected. When sorting by last name or by most recent note, the sorting takes less than a second. When the database is on the server, sorting the list via last names is also fast, taking less than 2 seconds normally. But sorting the notes by date and time of the last note is a lot slower. Sorting by that field can take almost five and a half minutes. The fields on which the sorting is based are indexed. The field that is used for sorting is an indexed, calculated field (Call_Date & " " & Call_TimeStart). The date and time are drawn from date and time fields that, like I said, are also indexed.


Any ideas on how to speed this up?