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Insert File From Temp Path

Question asked by petey on Dec 22, 2018
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Using PSOS, I create a found set. From that found set, I'm exporting a list of names and email address to Excel. When inserting the file from the temp location, I get: [3] Command is unavailable 9, for example, wrong operating system or mode).


By this point, the desired records have been found.




Set Variable [ $Path; Value:Get (TemporaryPath) & "Contacts.xlsx" ]



Export Records [ File Name: “$Path”; Use field names as column names; Worksheet: "Export"; Character Set: “Unicode (UTF -16)”; Field Order: T33d_signups_CONTACTS||id_contact::Name_Full


T33d_signups_CONTACTS||id_contact::SecondaryEmail ] [ No dialog ]


Pause/Resume Script [ Duration (seconds): 60 ]


Go to Field [ T33_SIGNUPS::gFile ]

[ Select/perform ]
Insert File [ “$Path” ]






Notes: I've set the container field to both images and interactive, with no luck. The container field is a global field. This same script works locally, with the exception that I'm using the desktop path.

I just need the Excel file, so if there's another way of doing it, I'd love to hear it..!!