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How can I change Filemaker default file location directory?

Question asked by jhh on Dec 23, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2018 by rouelf

After my Windows 10 based Filemaker Pro 11 MarinaPro Solution is launched (Path = C:/MarinaPro/Marina.fp7), I need to create a variable ($$source = filewin:/C:/MarinaPro/ResScheduler/) to a revised default "Open File" path.  Because I need to manually select from several reservation request attachment Excel .csv files, placed in the ResScheduler directory by an Outlook 2010 Macro, my "Import Records" script is set with an "unspecified" data source.


When my script is activated with Error Capture "Off", I get the obligatory Filemaker Pro Error message, "The file <unknown> could not be found..." and the "Open File window is still set to "Look in: "MarinaPro" (Default startup directory).  And, of course with Error Capture "On" there is no Open File window presented.  I have to select and import the first Excel.csv file before the default directory becomes "ResScheduler".


I simply want the default Filemaker "Open File" directory changed from "MarinaPro" (set at solution startup) to "ResScheduler" (where .csv files reside) before I start manually importing from selected individual .csv files.


Is there a way, nothing I have tried is working.