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External Authentication not working

Question asked by mark_b on Dec 25, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2018 by mark_b

Merry Christmas to all,

Over the holidays we were going to upgrade from FMS13 to FMS17 on a 2nd server (both Windows Server 12 R2).  All worked well, the 118 files were copied to the new server, the client PCs (Windows 10) were able to see the files to open, in FMP17 but when trying to open, the password challenge is presented.  The same PC user can access the FMS13 files via FMP15 without any problems.  The FMS17 backups are working.  Nothing has changed on the Domain Active Directory.  If the user enters the Filemaker File Authentication ID and password, the files open.  I'm hoping that there is some setting that we forgot to set correctly.  Any help would be appreciated.