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Check portal records for text string: Return creation date

Question asked by davidcom on Dec 26, 2018
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I struggled finding a good summary of my question in the title of this post, so I'm going to try to explain what I'm after with this simplified example:


Example Setup

Table: "Client" with fields:


"ClientID" (Parent Key)

The above fields are placed in layout "ClientView"


Related Table: VehicleProgress with fields:

"ID_fk" (Foreign Key related to "Client::ClientID)

"LogDate" (auto-enter: Date of record creation)

"JobID" (auto-enter: Serial)

"VehicleStatus" (Populated via Value List with options "Vehicle dropped off", Vehicle Diagnosed", Vehicle Repaired", "Vehicle Delivered"


Portal placed in layout "ClientView"


Ok, so now I have a portal in "ClientView" layout that shows the status of the Client's vehicle.


What I need that I can't figure out:

Create a field on the layout "ClientView" that has a calculation that checks the Portal records and, if for example, a record exists for "Vehicle dropped off", the field is populated with the LogDate associated with that record (the date the vehicle was dropped off).