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How can I improve data blade speed for reports with large number of Unstored calculation fields?

Question asked by kemseakeiron on Dec 25, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2018 by Bentech

Hi all,

im having some difficulty with a database design that is used for live reporting of stock for invoicing purposes.

For this reason there are quite a few unstored calculation fields that are used to report on live updated historical data.

For example stock position one month ago, after a transaction was made today, but backdated.


We use FileMaker 17 for about 15 local/remote clients, about 5 web users (only occasional use).

Local server is windowe server 2016 running only FileMaker server 17. The server has 2 hdd drives, one to host the databases (5 databases such as Interface, Data, remote Client Interface and Customer facing web direct) and the other to backup the databases.

it is just a tower with server grade hard drives,

running an i7 and about 16gb of ram.


when running finds between two dates (The dates being unstored calc) as Single report takes appx 8-15 minutes to sift through 200,000 records.


Does this sound normal?


all clients are using fairly decent i5 or i7 windows Pc’s.


I am very much a rookie, but I have a large budget and I can go out and buy a vet good server if I know this will improve the reporting speeds.


But to spec up a beast of a server, what would I need?

10 SSD drive raid 1+0? 64gb of ram or something? Dual or quad core?


Or would that just be a waste of money?


Mayeb i need to boost the client side instead?


reading the logs, I can’t seem to find the bottlenec anything in particular I should be looking for?